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The Sacred Black Stool of Peki

The sacred black stool is the embodiment of power. It's made of a specific tree spices. The day the tree is cut and a small stool made out of it is just part of the process. The day necessary rituals are petformed is day of its birth and it's held sacred and the occupant of the stool at dawn offers libation to the gods , ancestral spirits and the sacred black stool. On that day he is bared from engaging in any activity. It's the traditional sabbath day. It's a weekly activity and comes off on the day the stool is instituted. Anyone who's made a Chief and by either act or ommission doesn't have the symbol of authority, his installation is deemed null and void. As indicated earlier, the sacred black stool is carved with a special tree spices and that singular act is only a minute part of the process. It's the consecration that actualises the life of a stool.. It's is rather a tall order. The ancestors spirits are evoked ,a lot of incantations take place. At the close of the consecration of the stool, it's believed that the stool is saturated with unlimited powers. It's also believed that. It's an embodiment of the soul and spirit of the community. Yearly rituals take place for the stool. It's an occasion for giving heart felt gratitude to the ancestors. It's also the accasion for sacrifices and pleading with the stool to visit the community with abundant wealth, health and all life prolonging things. Sacrifices are offered at the sacred groove. This makes out of chief a religious and political leader. In Pekis tradition there do not exist a white stool. Most traditional office holders do not posses a black stool. Those offices though ceremonial in content wield a certain level amount of authority which is imposed because of the relevance of those offices. On the onset of a new yam the occupant of the sacred black stool perform a ritual that is offering the stool a new yam. He pleadsj for a bumper harvest , good health and prosperity for all. The occupant of the stool is bared from seating on it ignoring it makes the chief impotent and the ultimate penalty may be result in the extreme death. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI* Ngoryifia of Peki.

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