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First King of Peki

Records as at 1833 , recognized Kwadzo Dei I as the first King of Peki. Curiosity led to trying to find the origin and meaning to the name Kwadzo Dei. Oral tradition relates that a wild animal which was very crafty was terrorising forefathers of Blengo at their first settlement. It really put the fear of god into them. Movement was restraint. All efforts to track it down for destruction were not coming to fruition. Until one day a brave warrior saved them from the near embarrassing situation by single handedly killing it. Naturally the quest to know the saviour brought the question. *Me dae* *the answer was *Kwadzo dae*. The hero became a leader and *Kwadzo dae* was later corrupted to *Kwadzo Dei*

*Kwadzo edae* ,it reflects that , there may be other rulers before the recorded and recognized one of 1833. *Kwadzo edae* became a natural choice for leadership because of his bravery and saving the lives human beings and livestock.

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