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Mama Asi: Peki's goddess of riches

Forefathers of Peki for their spiritual ,pyhsical and material growth studiously looked up to many deities which they religiously worshipped. Traditional religious beliefs of Peki created room for many deities. These gods they believed have a positive impact on their daily life spiritually. Pekis before the advent of the Missionaries , worshipped them and they believed that their intervention spiritually were positive. One of the significant deities was the goddess of riches call *Mama Asi* This deity it's believed manifests it's self in the human form in an amazing way on many occasions. The one that beholds her , they say , is awed by her exceptional beauty and the regal way she carries herself with the retinue of children.. This goddess , they say is fair in complexion , big and beautiful with big bobs. *Mama Asi* , it's the conviction of Pekis, spiritually superintendents the affairs of Peki Market and makes it flourish and boost economic activities in significant way. The goddess of riches is hosted by Peki Blengo. It's under the custody of the Senior Mankrado of Peki. It's the responsibility of the Senior Mankrado , traditionally , to see to the performance of the all relevant rites of this deity for its continuous influencing the economic activities positively . It's central to the flourishing of a vibrant market that promotes economic activities to the advantage of Peki. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI* ngoryifia of Peki.

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