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Visit of Prince of Wales and aftermath in Peki

Kwadzo Dei X , from the Nyangamamgu Family , was among high profile personalities that graced the ceremony that hosted the Prince of Wales to the Gold Coast in 1925. Among Kwadzo Dei X's entourage was a man from Tsibu where the Deiga married a woman. The man from Tsibu was hit by a vehicle at Accra and died instantly. Back home Kwadzo Dei sent his son and a police man to Tsibu to report the unfortunate tragedy. On their way back from the errand, Deigas' son was attacked and shot dead out of revenge. As tradition demanded he was buried as *ametsiava*. The *asafo* yearned for revenge. It took the intervention of Chiefs and Elders and even the clergy , as Albert Binder and Christian Gati to prevent a retaliatory action . A Peki woman was an eye witness to sordid business and reported accordingly. The Tsibu man was arrested, arranged before court , found guilty and executed by hanging. After 25 years it's allegedly reported that, the spirit of the departed prince , started harassing women of the family , demanding to be served. Assumptions , arrived at the understanding that because there was no revenge , the spirit of the departed prince became restless and may be the cause for the manifestation of the spirit *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI*

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