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Why Dededo Ought Not be Part of Ho West District

This issue of Dededo featured significantly in the conflict between the People of Tsito Awudome and Peki Avetile. In the early 1940s, an agreement signed at Peki Avetile granting the land to Prophet Mawufeame Wovenu. The subject of that grant would later become the village of Dededo. Peki Avetile 13/11/48 AGREEMENT OF LEASE 1. In respect of the above agreement, I the undersigned person on behalf of my father Manase Mensa of Peki Avetile, Eastern Province, and his family have granted to the following members of the Local Apostolic Faith Revelation Society, a portion (measuring 250' × 700') of the family's land (to wit, Tiam) at Awalime for the purpose of building schools and chapel thereon - A.A. Kpodo A.A. Kuadey Silas K. Anagbawu Yona Davor Noah Mugbeteyo Samson Adzani Amega Tokle Noah Ahakuttor Samson Moyibor 2. That an annual rentage of 1/- (one shilling) should be paid to the family through me. 3. That any member or members of the said Society intending to set up any profitable venture (building of stores, etc) should approach the family for a new agreement and its requisite rentage or documents. Signed William Mensa Land Owner, on behalf of Manase Mensa and family. Witnesses 1. Edward Bankas 2. John Bankas 3. Aliwudzi 4. Tokpo 5. Thompson Akotsu The name Dededo came from the first message preached by Mawufeame Wovenu entitled "Dede do le afisia" on the land so granted. Courtesy: Barnabas Yatra Dzasa

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