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Virtual Assistant Jobs by eJobsAfrica Initiative

Whizzy Academy(Ghana) in partnership with Africa Trade Desk(Canada) are launching a Virtual Assistants job platform. The platform, eJobsAfrica, will provide the much-needed bridge between online business owners, coaches, consultants, and side hustlers that need help with Virtual Assistant (VA) services and the talented youth of Africa yearning to make a difference.

Virtual Assistants are trained to offer services such as social media management, web and graphic design, e-commerce setup, content writing, online course creation, virtual administration, data processing and management, bookkeeping, and customer support.

The eJobsAfrica initiative is novel in the sense that it places strong emphasis on digital skills development and facilitation of meaningful mentoring relationships between Clients and Virtual Assistants.

If you are a tech - savvy individual passionate about pursuing a career in the digital space, you can apply to become a Virtual Assistant at

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