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The Smart Money Woman-Arese Ugwu

About the book

This is a self-help book about your friends with sophisticated taste and a love for extravagant living. It talks about Zuri, a twenty something millennial and her girlfriends trying to work their way of our debt, try to be responsible, manage their relationships and still maintain a classy and flashy lifestyle.

In this book, Arese Ugwu gives Smart Money tips by narrating how you can save money and still own Christian Louboutin heels or go on that trip you’ve been yearning for at Maldives.

What I love about the book

  1. It combines fiction with serious lessons about money so it doesn’t make it boring.

  2. The lessons about money are clear and easy to understand unlike other financial books.

  3. The book is saturated with wisdom about personal finances that is explained very simply.

  4. After every chapter, Arese Ugwu gives lessons under the tag “Smart Money Tips”

Quotes to remember

  1. “Ultimately, improving her net worth is more important than upgrading her wardrobe.”

  2. “Developing a wealthy mind-set requires the understanding of the concept that the way you spend, invest, and manage ten naira is the way you will spend, invest, and manage ten million.”

How I can apply it’s content to my life.

  1. From the author, we learn how to budget, invest and also save money and still afford a luxury life.

  2. Again, women learn how to work for their own money and not depend on men to survive.

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