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The Smart Money Tribe: An African Woman's Guide to Making Bank

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

About the book A sequel to The Smart Monet Woman. This book is more like chit-chat with a mentor who knows much about finance; how to gain and control it. It talks about Adesuwa and her girlfriends who are trying their very best to keep their heads above water and still enjoy the very best things of life.

In this book, we get to read about all the ladies, their financial losses and wins as a smart money tribe. Arese Ugwu sheds more light on entrepreneurship, building an investment portfolio, building multiple streams of income, leveraging social media to create an income etc.

What I love about it.

  1. It has intermissions with very relatable, financial advice for everyone.

  2. It teaches how to afford a luxury life without breaking the bank.

  3. It teaches the importance of keeping friends who you can talk about money with.

Quotes to remember

  1. “Your network really is your net worth.“

  2. “Anyone who makes you feel bad for prioritising your financial health isn’t someone that should be in your life.”

  3. “There’s a big difference between being cheap and being smart with money.“

  4. “A woman identifying as feminist and striving for financial independence doesn’t mean she hates men. It just means she wants equal access to opportunities that can generate enough income to look after herself and pay her bills.”

How I can apply its content to my life.

  1. The importance of budgeting and investing is discussed in this book.

  2. It also teaches how to juggle life between marriage, new career opportunities and babies.

  3. Teaches how to build a personal brand by turning a skill into a passion

  4. Teaches how to build a valuable network that can earn you money.

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