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Supposed Neglected stool and its reprecussions

Queries on the above subject have come to the fore for thorough interrogation. The incidence of a dormant Stool visiting death on a royal family for Neglected is rather a rare phenomenon. The sacred Stool is a guidance angel and protector of all under its umbrella. It's looked up to for wealth , good health , fertility problems and all life prolonging activities. People who believe in it flock to the *fia* to seek spiritual remedy for the seemingly insurmountable challenges. The wish only is offering of libation as a solution to problems. Some of our revered *osofo* direct some of their members to Chiefs for spiritual solution of their woes. Stools were instituted by ancestors of Peki for a flourishing state. This is the core mandate of Stools. In another perspective it needs somebody to superintendent it in achieving positive results. It involves in-depth tutorial from personalities greatly endowed to groom the occupant in the act of spirituality of the stool. This basically is geared towards the welfare physically and spiritually of the community. Dormant Stool/neglected stool/ spirits react negatively to been ignored. They inflict calamities on the royal household they perceived have neglected the stool. The extreme which is death is almost minimal. A stool protects and *doesn't kill* An aggrieved stool spirit witdraws any form of protection. So when evil one visits , there be no protection and it will in its cruel elements torment you even till you die . Emphasis is on the fact that protector that have rejected and neglected can not intercede in any form to save you until you go back to your roots. *Abdication* can be cited. For failing to see to your obligation to the stool and leaving it mid-stream despite the fact that you are fully aware that your service ends, if only , you pass on , a madman can even be better than you. The fall grace to grass shall be your portion till either you come back to the fold and perform your traditional duties to the stool and those under your umbrella. Royals are reduced to nothing. In marriage. physical well being , all the endeavors of the royal family shall experience negativity. In the spiritual realm it is tactical and a window for them to wise up. There exist positive remedial measures but it is sacred and cannot be divorced on this platform. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI Nkosuohene of Peki Traditional Area*

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