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Students, do you want to start a business while on campus? These 10 tips will help

*Premiering This Week on TechChef Africa.*

Are you a college or university student? Then watch out for this week’s episode.

Some of the world's biggest companies were founded by brightly university students who weren't afraid to pick up initiatives and to dream big while on campus.

This week we will engage with our Student Founder, Dorcas Babet Kwofie on students breath topic “What it Takes to Start your Business on Campus”.

Dorcas Babet Kwofie is a female entrepreneur and the founder of Babet Food, who is an enthusiast about food security, women's rights, community development, technology, and agriculture.

Babet is a past president of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED Ghana and doubled as the president of Mastercard Foundation scholars in the University of Cape Coast.

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