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Significance of 1886 in Peki History

Kwadzo Dei, the Paramount Chief of Peki as far back as 1850 ,was appending his signature on several British documents as King of Krepi. The British took over Danish assets and Krepi became part of the British protectorate (Yayo 2002). After careful study of the dynamics of the entire Krepi, the British recognized Pekis influence in the area and decided to make Kwadzo Dei. Paramount Chief of Peki , King of Krepi. In the bid to have Peki to consolidate its stature as an influencial entity and have absolute control over the area , Krepi communities were made to sign an agreement recognizing Kwadzo Dei as the King of Krepi in 1886. (Yayoh 2002) *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI*

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