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ShARE Leadership Program of Excellence

ShARE is an innovative start-up at the crossroad of education and consulting. It runs a leadership programme to turn bright university students into Do Well Do Good leaders and helps corporates to serve both the shareholders and society.

Today, 1800 students from 92 top universities and 36 countries are following the ShARE programme in the world such as Yale (US), Oxford (UK), Cambridge (UK), HEC (France), EPFL (Switzerland), IITs (India), Fudan University (China), NTU (Singapore), Tec de Monterrey (Mexico), Cairo University (Egypt) etc.

The programme has 4 pillars which are; acquisition of corporate skills, openness to the world, leadership skills and the ShARE value of Do Well Do Good.

The pedagogy follows 3 principles:

  • learning together

  • learning by teaching and

  • learning by doing

During a typical week, a student will spend 2-3 hours on e-learning, 4-5 hours on assignments, and 2 hours in local team meetings.

To apply, click here

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