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Shai Hills Resource Reserve.


Shai Hills Resource Reserve is a resource reserve located in Doryumu in the Shai Osudoku District all in the Greater Accra Region. It was established in 1962 with area of 47 square kilometres (4,700 ha; 18 sq mi) which was later extended to 47 square kilometres (4,700 ha; 18 sq mi) in 1973.

The area was declared Forest Reserve in 1962 with total area of 47 square kilometres (4,700 ha; 18 sq mi) which was later expanded to 51 square kilometres (5,100 ha; 20 sq mi) in 1973 till present. It was made a Game Production Reserve in 1971. The protected area was home to the Shai people before they were ejected by the British in 1892, remains of Shai peoples works can still be found at the reserve.

When best to visit . Shai Hills is a great place to visit, it is best to go there from August to December but NOT during the Harmattan (January to April). The reserve is packed with a lot of history, the rangers are so helpful and are good at their job. The reserve is quite large so you will need a car to travel around, however if you don't have a car there are taxis available that the reserve offers you. There are different animals to see mainly antelope, baboons, ostriches, zebras and pythons. The trip to the caves provides a great hike and cardio.

TAKE NOTE: Also this place is used as a recreational joint. Picnics are organized here and also other events so you can as well plan one on your journey to this resource reserve.

Activities that take place at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve;

  • Rock climbing

  • Nature Walk (Hiking)

  • Game Viewing

  • Bird Watching

  • Exploring the caves.

Accomodation and feeding.

Are you worried about how you are going to get a place to rest your head when you decide to stay over after this tour? Or is it about what to eat ...? Do not worry so much about it ... we got you covered.

Below are various options you can choose from when deciding on where to sleep over and also the hotels have restaurants so do not be disturbed.

  • Nearby Accommodation Shai Hills Resort Hotel Golf Pousada Hotel Riverside Hotel City Escape Hotels Hôtel Du Goût

Below are some images of the hotels situated around Shai Hills Resource Reserve;

These hotels are very g ... They cost not less than 70 cedis and not more than 300cedis.

They also provide you with food: breakfast, lunch, supper, brunch, dinner etc.

In order to book your hotel before you get there to save time and not stress yourself up with stories of there are no rooms available: visit

Getting there.

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