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Seedstars Africa Ventures Challenge

Seedstars Africa Ventures is looking to fund and support Africa’s next champions.

Seedstars Africa Ventures is looking to fund and support these African champions who are making value chains more efficient, providing bottom-of-the-pyramid access to basic products and services or serving the fast growing middle class. If you are a talented entrepreneur, join the challenge!


  1. Get investment: Up to USD 2,000,000 equity investment from Seedstars Africa Ventures

  2. Pitch on our lab: A pitching opportunity to thousands of investors at Vivatech

  3. Exhibit on our digital booth: Exhibit on Seedstars Africa Ventures Digital booth

Expected Solutions

Seedstars Africa Ventures wants to identify the African innovations that will disrupt their market, or create new markets altogether.

These solutions can be tech/digital based or non-tech and concern product, process, marketing or organizational innovation.


  • The Company can be active in any market vertical(s), including financial services, health, education, agriculture, energy, logistics, mobility, telecommunications, enterprise services, consumer products…

  • The Company must be active in Africa and able to demonstrate some traction (e.g. sales, users…)

Selection criteria

  • Geography: Your primary market is currently Africa

  • Innovation: The Company is solving an identified problem through tech or other forms of innovations designed for the Continent.

  • Maturity of the solution: Your solution is already commercialised and has demonstrated growth potential.

  • Ability to scale: Your Company has a pan-African potential on a large market.

Apply Now: Click here

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