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Schlinder’s List by Thomas Keneally.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

About the book

The memoir is a true story of Czech born, Oskar Schlinder a businessman who tried to make his fortune during the Second World War by exploiting cheap Jewish labour, but ended up penniless having saved over 1000 Polish Jews from almost certain death during the Holocaust.

What I love about it

It is detailed and easy to read unlike other memoirs.

It is engaging and makes the reader feel included.

Quotes to remember

Whoever saves one life, saves the world”

“The principle was, death should not be entered like some snug harbor. It should be an unambiguous refusal to surrender.”

“We all have to expect to lose in times like these”

How I can apply it’s content to my life.

It teaches us that, if you cannot stop a great wrong, you can do something that will be very meaningful.

It teaches us that, sometimes a person’s faults are assets when it is time to rebel against authority.

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