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Sajuna beach club

Sajuna beach club is a recreational facility that is located between Senchi and Atimpoku on the Akosombo Road. This is a place where you can swim and also have fun in the private beaches and also go on a boat riding.

Guests you would not want to miss this exciting moment at the Sajuna Beach club.


Sajuna beach club , a very nice place to eat and relax near Atimpoku and Akosombo! A tourist boat is available for an interesting boat ride on the Volta river.There is also the possibility for beachvolleyball, soccer, basketball and many other sports. Sajuna Beach Club is paradise for your children. There is a huge playground, with a big trampoline and many other toys. Another great attraction is the water trampoline at the riverside. The perfect place for children of all ages to have a great time. A swimming paradise, with two splash pools and a water slide, is one of Sajuna’s finest attractions. Play or relax in the cool water of the pools. Sajuna Beach Club is located between Senchi and Atimpoku, on the Akosombo Road. For more details see

  • Sajuna Beach Club Ghana Address: Akosombo Road, Tema, Ghana

  • Sajuna Beach Club Ghana Contact Number: +233-208136825

  • Sajuna Beach Club Ghana Timing: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm


About accomodation and feeding , there are food joints on the compound where the Club is situated . But if you are going to sleep over and want a restaurant to eat from ... do not think too much ... we have you covered.

Below are some hotels and restaurants that you can rely on.

The fees of the hotels cost not more than 500 Ghana cedis and not less than 80Ghana cedis. Food and drinks are included.

  • Volta akosombo hotel

  • Mee New hotel

Food is served in the hotels as well;

Popular amenities that are found in the various hotels:

  • Wi-Fifree

  • Parkingfree

  • Beach-front

  • Pool

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