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Positives of the Asante War of 1869 - 1874

The Asante war, affected all activities in Peki. It in reality ,it brought everything to a stand still. Economic activities were the hardest hit. The faint hearted who could not stand the ravages of war , fled when it became imminent that Peki had no option than to engage the might of the marauding Asante army. Many prominent citizens fell in the war . Some Chiefs lost their lives. Most sacred oaths of Stools had their origin from the Asante war. A spring at where Mr. Takpuies' house at Peki Blengo now stands was covered with a pot by an elder for the stream to stop flowing. It indeed stopped after incarnations were effected. Unfortunately, that elder fell in the war and stream ceased flowing to date. There was no one to reverse what he effected. This interprise was to deny the Asante army water. It's felt denying them water shall stall their lingering around which could give rise to the destruction of the town. Peki officially became part of the Gold Coast Colony as a result of treaties made with the British in 1886/87. Nevertheless, after 1874 new political and economic activities evolved that greatly altered the life conditions of Peki. Those who fled the Asante war, returned from exil when sanity was restored. Peki refugees put in practice without delay , what they had witnessed while in self imposed exil. Following examples of Accra , they widen the paths between various towns. Several houses were furnished with arm chairs made in the Western style. People started to dress in European clothes. At this time , connections with the coast improved. Trade routes became shorter and safer. This infrastructural developments facilitated contacts with other people and culminated in the spread of European goods. These changes were as a result of Pekis who fled the war to the already developed coastal areas. The experience gained they brought to bear on the socio-political activities of Peki. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI* Ngoryifia of Peki Traditional Area.

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