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Peki Traditional Practices designed to curb Household Conflicts

Working on family farm lands attract certain obligatory Practices that curb the incidence of Conflicts. As the intention to clear a portion of family farm land become a reality , permission is sought from , *tɔga or tataga* or the elderly member of the family. His approval of the request give the green light to commence work. The head of Household use his discreation in alloting a portion of the land to meet the request . Refusal to seek permission , is viewed as disrespect and can result in strict orders for work to stop. The above is designed to control work on the farm land. It curbs the incidence of two people fighting over the same portion of land. A sign showing indication that someone is ready to clear a portion must be posted. A mark is placed on the portion. The bark of a tree vantagely placed , is cut and some leaves placed into it. A stick with leaves placed into it ,can also be fixed on the portion. This action advertises the intended purpose of utilising that portion and make contesting for the same portion near imposible. The need to generate cash for a specific purpose be it performance of marriage rites or to pay funeral debts , requires that the head of Household should be consulted. He will graciously count out palm trees on land to be used for the intended purpose. Economic trees like *odum ,mahogany awawa* , if they exist can also be given out for solving the engaging problem. Refusal to seek permission , result in the head of Household , confiscating whatever it is felt can be used without approval. Planting palm trees ,cocoa , orange etc , on a family farm land must be in consultation with the head of Household. He contacts the family on the issue before approving or rejecting the request. Certain critical factors engage their attention in arriving at a decision. Total acreage of the land ,ranked first in the decision making. The wish for all to have access to the family farm land is also another determinant.

*Tɔgbe Appiah Kwadzo VI*

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