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Peki Blengo Senior Mixed Boarding School

A visionary missionary called *Karl Freyburger* , knowing the essence of education and benefits that will accrue to Peki and impact positively on the work missionary work , decided to leave worthy footprints on the sands of time. *Freyburger supervised the construction of the Senior School in Kpodzi* at Peki Blengo. Next to the great memorial he left for generations to appreciate , he had the Mission Station enlarged. Carl Freyburger borrowed huge sums of money from the Bremen mission post at Anum. The mission board was not comfortable with the ambitious project he embarked on through the huge amounts of money Freyburger borrowed. It was a mixed reaction from the Blengo community. It was hailed by people who knew what education will bring to the fore. People whose buildings were affected protested vehemently but Freyburger persisted in what he believed in. They were eventually resettled lower down Blengo Mission Kpodzi. Carl Spiel, came after in after Freyburger left and immediately , his style of leadership, mostly about school regime generated problems. The disillusioned pupils were bold to state their areas of discomfort to Spiel who was the school administrator. Among them were :- a. the boys demanded that food should be brought to them on the compound instead of they going for it. b. after church service on Sunday , the rest of the day should be free c. that they should not be punish for arriving late or missing from church service and daily devotions d. they demanded that they should be allowed to rest in the dormitory between the hours of 12pm - 2pm especially on Sundays. Spiel reacted in a furious manner and had the boys dismissed for gross misconduct. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI*

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