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Our Friendly Space Policy (3) - Expected Behaviour

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Always adhere to the ff.

Encourage a positive and friendly atmosphere

Value each other's ideas, styles and viewpoints.

Be aware that people may have different levels of knowledge, different skills and background than you.

Be open to different possibilities and to being wrong.

Be respectful in all interactions and communications.

Be aware of your impact and how your contribution (messages, discussion, comments) may be affecting people. Before sending a message (especially a joke or criticism), take a minute to wonder if other people will feel hurt or annoyed by your message.

Be direct, constructive and positive.

Respect people’s privacy and anonymity. Some participants use a pseudonym and keep it distinct from their real identity. Never disclose private information about a person (real name, place of residence, family situation, sexual orientation, pictures…) without their explicit consent.

Accept that people may not want to answer private questions.

Be mindful of the space you take

During a discussion or in a working group, make sure that you're not the only one speaking or writing. Make sure that you leave enough space for others to participate, and encourage discussions rather than monologue.

Actively encourage the participation of all attendees, especially from groups that may be under-represented in the crowd (women*, non-native speakers, newcomers).

Ask for help if needed. Our programs cover a wide range of topics involving a lot of different tools, technologies, areas of knowledge. No one knows everything, and it's perfectly OK to have questions or to need help with something. Please ask for help when needed!

Help others If you have knowledge about a specific topic, or if you have this special skill of being able to find documentation even when it's well hidden, then please help others. Helping doesn't mean doing the work for them: you can point to useful documentation, answer questions, suggest workarounds.

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