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Okro Soup with Ademe Leaves


• Fresh okro (20 pieces)

• Garden eggs (5 pieces)

• Meat (cow meat) 1 kilogram

• Smoked fish (Opoku)

• Onion (2 big sizes)

• Ad3m3 leaves (800 grams)

• Crab (5 pieces)

• Salted fish (momoni)

• Pepper (10 pieces)

• Seasoning for meat (ginger(3 thump sizes), garlic (8 clovers), maggi cube, adobe, all purpose)

• Palm oil


1. Gather or assemble your ingredients and equipment for easy access and faster preparation of the meal.

2. Wash your hands properly with soap and water, then wash your vegetables (okro, garden eggs, pepper and ad3m3 leaves) properly with clean water.

3. Properly and carefully peel off or remove the covering or skin of the ginger, garlic and 1 bulb of onion, cut them into smaller pieces and put them in a blender to blend (with the aid of about 200ml of water).

4. Blend for about 3 minutes at the highest blending speed or level to obtain a fine smooth texture.

5. Pour into a small clean bowl.

6. Take your chopping board and knife, and cut or chop your okro and garden eggs into smaller eatable sizes into another clean bowl.

7. Grind or blend your 10 pieces of pepper in a blender for about 3 minutes for attain a fine texture.

8. Pour into a clean bowl.

9. And slice 1 bulb of onion unto a plate.

10. Break your smoked fish (opoku) into small but chewable sizes unto the plate with the sliced onions and wash your salted fish properly with clean water and put on that same bowl (make sure to arrange them neatly on the plate).

NB : when slicing , chopping or cutting, make sure to use a chopping board to avoid one from getting hurt.


11. After doing the above mentioned, wash your cow meat properly with clean water and put in a saucepan. Pour your ginger-garlic mixture into it and add ½ maggi cube, ¼ normal levelled teaspoon of Adobe and ¼ level normal teaspoon of all purpose

to spice it up. Add your teaspoon (normal level) of salt to it and pour about 350 ml of water to it and put on highly flamed fire of about 400°Fahrenheit. (Wait and stir for about 30 minutes)

12. After 30 minutes, add your well washed crabs to it you steam up and wait for about 30 minutes

13. By this time( after the next 30minutes) the meat would have softened and been well cooked.

14. Take the meat off the high fire and place another clean saucepan on fire. Put about 1.6litres of water into the pan and add your cut okro, garden eggs and well washed ad3m3 leaves

with 1 small stone (ekenwu) and leave to boil for about 10 minutes.

15. After 10 minutes, take it of the fire and put another saucepan on fire.

16. Pour about 250ml of palm oil into the saucepan and wait for about 1 minute to get heated.

17. Put your well washed salted fish into the hot oil and stir accurately and frequently to help the salted fish get dissociated into invisible bits and avoid burning.(stir and wait for about 2 minutes).

18. Add your sliced onions and stir for about 2 minutes to get well cooked.

19. Add your blended pepper and stir ( 5 minutes)

20. Pour your steamed meat and crab into the sauce on fire and stir occasionally for about 5 minutes (at this point you can lower the fire heat from highest to medium- low to avoid burning)

21. Add your broken smoked fish (opoku) but do not stir a lot, since

the fish is quite fragile. (Wait for about 3 minutes)

22. Then add your cooked okro, garden eggs and ad3m3 for about 5 minutes.

23. And wait for another 5 minutes for cook properly

24. After this time, your okro soup would be ready and can be eaten with banku or even akpele.


After tasting your food, when the salt isn’t sufficient or enough in the food, you can add at least ½ or ¼ teaspoon of salt to the food.


1. Okro contains enough protein which helps in weight management (have a great diet), control blood sugar and helps in the structuring of the bone.

2. Okro is rich in antioxidants that may reduce your risk of serious diseases, prevents inflammation and contributes to overall health (protects the heart).


This amount of food prepared maybe suitable for about 3 people.

Make sure not to hurt yourself through burns or cuts. Thus, use a napkin when taken a saucepan off fire.

Always lower your fire when you find out your food is getting burnt or whenever you feel the urge to do so.


• Okro (5 pieces) = 50p

• Garden eggs (4 or 5 pieces) = 1 cedi

• Onion (1 big bulb) = 50 pesewas

• Meat (cow meat, 1 Kilogram) = 8 cedis

• Palm oil (150ml) = 1 cedis

• Salted fish (momoni) = 50 pesewas

• Smoked fish (opoku) = 10 cedis

• Crab = 5 cedis

• Ad3m3 = 1 cedi

• Seasoning = 5 cedis

Total = 32.50 pesewas


• Makola market

• Agbogbloshie market

• SCC blue kiosk

• Madina market

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