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Land Acquisition as Practice in Peki

There are three types of land Acquisition in Peki. They are :- I. By inheritance ii. Deed of Gift iii. Purchase In Peki a land acquired by the ancestors of a family , passes from generation to generation. In most instances , farm lands are under this category. This land is jealously protected and left for generations to inherite. Under the inheritance system a piece and parcel of land can be ceded to a woman to take to her matrimonial home. The only conditions for the retrieval of the said land is when the woman is not blessed with the fruit of the womb. Normally the land is given off for good and in good faith. The thought that the woman should be comfortable in marital home is the idea behind this gesture. Land can be acquired by mutual understanding under *Deed of Gift*. The mutual agreement , require the *donee* to provide a ram , two bottles schnapps , a pot of palm wine ,as acceptance and Thanksgiving. It also legalises the offer and protects the offered land from any form of litigation. It's obligatory that witnesses should be in attendance. The transaction could be oral or a documented. *Deed of Gift* ,is effected in cases where the *Donor* , decides to offer a piece and parcel of land to a loving son , a nephew or any family member or in return for a favor Land can be acquired by buying or outright sales. The process of this transaction is the cutting of the boundary and payment of *mor tso ga*. This essential because those who cut the boundary become witnesses. A purchase receipt is provided. Those who append their signatures to the receipt include witnesses for the vendor and the vendee. Schnapps or any type of alcohol is provided by the vendee. This also is a form of making the transaction legal. Those who benefited from the drink also become witnesses. These are the basic mediums for land Acquisition as practiced in Peki. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI*

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