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How to prepare yaka yaka

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

(Food for people in the Volta region )


• Cassava dough (400 grams)

• Corn flour (one tablespoon)

• Salt (one (1) teaspoon)

• Water (600 grams)



• Sieve

• Saucepan

• Lid (to cover sieve)

• Clean bowl


1. Wash your hands properly with soap and clean water and wipe in a clean towel afterwards.

2. Wash all your equipment properly with clean water and assemble.

3. Also assemble your ingredients for easy accessibility.

4. Sieve your cassava dough (400 grams) into a neat bowl to achieve a fine texture.

5. Add one tablespoon of corn flour to the fine cassava dough and add one teaspoon (normal level, not mounted ) of salt to it.

6. Mix very well for about 2 minutes, so it mixes evenly and you can feel the fine texture of the mixture (You can mix with your hands).


7. Put your clean saucepan on highly flamed fire of about 350°Fahrenheit.

8. Put 600 grams of water into it and wait for about 5 minutes to boil fully. (Do not forget to close the saucepan with it’s lid whilst boiling).

9. After 5 minutes, place your sieve on the saucepan on fire (make sure your saucepan is small than your sieve so it doesn’t fall into the hot water, but rather settle directly on the saucepan to enhance the steam or vapour from the hot water directly pass through the sieve).

10. Put a bit (100 grams) of you mixture( cassava dough corn flour, etc.) into the sieve and close the sieve with a desired lid.

11. Wait for about 5 minutes (to allow the cassava dough mixture steam very well).

12. After 5 minutes, your 1st set of yaka yaka would be ready.

13. Repeat same process( from step 10) over and over till your cassava dough mixture finishes.


• Mix your yaka yaka with a bit of tomato stew, and chopped vegetables (onion, tomatoes, pepper, etc.) . Your Yaka yaka is fully ready now, and can be eaten.


 Corn flour added to the cassava dough is to add a desired taste and fine texture to the cassava dough.

 Always use a napkin when taken the saucepan or lid or sieve off the flames.

 After using the sieve to sieve your cassava dough, make sure to wash it properly, with soap and clean water ,to enable you use it for other purposes.


  • Kasoa new market

  • SCC blue kiosk

  • Agbogbloshie

  • Mallam market


 Cassava dough(200 grams) -- 1 cedi

 Corn flour (200 grams) -- 1 cedi

 Salt (You too iodated) -- 50 pesewas

Total = 2.50 cedis

This food is one of the easiest and fastest ewe food.

Due to the cultures and traditions of the people from the Volta Region, it turns out Yaka Yaka is the mostly prepared meal .

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