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Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passion and Transform Your Life by Ken Robins

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

About the Book

This book introduces readers to a new concept of self-fulfillment.Talks about how people find their Element, tune in to their highest levels and live their best lives. In this new book, Robinson answers the main question: How do I find my Element?

Robinson offers a series of practical exercises to help you discover your own talents and passions. Along the way, he tells the stories of many "ordinary" people in all walks of life who have overcome obstacles of every sort to find their Element. And he explores fundamental principles and vital questions to help you find yours: What are you good at? What do you love? What makes you happy? Where are you now? Your answers to these and many others will provide you with invaluable keys to discovering your Element.

What I Love About It

  1. Talks about concerns of the economy, education and the environment.

  2. The author’s style of writing is friendly and engaging and has a feeling of sincerity to it.

Quotes to Remember

  1. “Many of the opportunities you have in your life are generated by the energy you create around you.”

  2. I’m “When you're in your Element, your sense of time changes. If you're doing something that you love, an hour can feel like five minutes; if you are doing something that you do not, five minutes can feel like an hour.”

How I Can Apply Its Content to my Life

  1. Teaches about the need for individuals to find their own Element

  2. Helps to discover your true self and the life you really want to lead

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