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Dilemma of the Lemenyigbe Clan of Peki Avetile

A conclave of elders of the Lemenyigbe Clan of Peki Avetile, in their quest to effect the needed reforms that will propel things to positive and greater heights made certain far reaching decisions. The most important reform they introduced was the drastic change in procedural process of the annual ritual of their stool yam festival . The Lemenyigbe Clan decided to christianized the whole process in line with their christian beliefs. The year been reviewed saw them carry the bible in the. *dzamgbe* instead of the procedural traditional items to the sacred groove. The procession met a bizzard experience Enroute to their destination an unusual havoc wrecking rainstorm set in. It's an experience they would like not to be revisited. They're soaked to the marrow of their bones by the sever harsh unfriendly rainstorm which set in without any warning. As at the time they returned from the sacred groove , the bible itself was soaked with water. Interrogating question was whether it's a coincidence , a natural occurrence or it's the wrath of the ancestors and ancestral spirits. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI* Ngoryifia of Peki Traditional Area

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