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Call for Interns

SPEAKUP Live is a talk show & a platform for teenagers and millennials to voice out concerns and sentiments facing them in our society. We discuss topics focused on the 5 major institutions of society, ranging from Family, Government, Religion, Economy & Education. We acknowledge the shortfalls in these major institutions and we believe having conversations around them can spark solutions to solve them.

Speakup Live is registered under the Speakup Foundation.

We are in need of interns to join our crew in filming, editing, & research for our second season. Interns may mostly work from home and shall be present on Fridays and Saturdays for our shoots.

Applicants for research may also work from home.

Kindly note that, when you are selected, you shall be required to work with us for a maximum of 3 months.

This might be your chance!

Apply Now:

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