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Beans Stew


 4 cups of beans (about 1200 grams)

 4 big tomatoes

 1 ½ pieces of onion

 18 pieces of pepper

 Palm oil (1 cup)

 Salt

 Dry fish (salmon)

 Water

 Salted fish (momoni)

 Seasoning (1/2 maggi cube)


1. Wash your hands very well with soap and water, and wash your vegetables with clean water (pepper, tomatoes and onions).

2. Slice, cut or chop your tomatoes and onions into smaller bits on a plate , then grind your pepper with the aid of an earthenware bowl or a blender.

3. Break you dry fish ( salmon ) into small sizable and chewable pieces and then wash your salted fish ( momoni) very well.

4. Put your well washed beans(4 cups) in a sauce pan, add 2.2 litres (about 8 cups) of water to it and place it on fire (about 400° Fahrenheit high).

5. Wait for about an hour and 30 minutes for your beans to be well cooked (you'll see a brownish colour change and the softness of the beans will show it’s readiness).

6. Add one (1) tablespoon (normal level)of salt to your cooked beans and mix very well.

7. Take it off fire and put another sauce pan on fire(for your beans stew)

8. Pour one cup( about 350 ml) of palm oil into the hot sauce pan and add your salted fish (momoni). Stir for about 2 minutes and make sure it is dispersed in very little or tiny pieces.

9. Add your cut onions and stir continuously for about 3minutes. Make sure the onions are cooked but not burnt.

10. After the 2 to 3 minutes, add your chopped or cut tomatoes and wait for about 5 minutes. ( still in the stirring process till it softens).

11. Add your blended pepper and stir for about 2 minutes.

12. Put your small pieces of fish into the mixture ( stew) and stir for about two (2) minutes. Whilst doing this, make sure your don’t dispersed the fish into very small invisible bits.

13. Add your cooked beans and stir for a minute, then add your seasoning (1/2 maggi cube).

14. Stir and wait for about 5 minutes .

15. After this time (5 minutes) the beans would be ready. And can be served with rice, plantain, yam, amongst others.

NB :

After adding the seasoning and stirring for about 3 minutes, you can taste the food to know if the amount of salt suits your taste. If not, you can add a little salt to it.

BEANS is a very nutritious food or legume which contains a excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamins and mineral.

It helps reduce blood sugar, improves cholesterol level and helps maintain a healthy gut.


1. Always take saucepan off fire using a napkin.

2. When cutting onions, take it away from the eyes and cut in airy areas to avoid watery or teary eyes.

3. In the case when one gets cut when chopping or cutting, pause cooking and attend injury immediately.

4. When heat of fire is too high for you, you can lower it to your preferred level.

5. Salted fish (momoni) gives the beans stew a required smell and taste.


• Beans 1 cup in town = 3.50 cedis

• Tomatoes (3 big pieces) = 1 cedi

• Onion ( 1 big bulb) = 50 pesewas

• Palm oil (550ml) = 4 cedis

• Maggi cube (1) = 20 pesewas

• Salted fish (momoni) =50 pesewas (1)

• Salmon = 5 cedis

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