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Awudome Chief commits suicide at Blengo

A lot of events took place during the reign of Kwadzo Dei VII. Kwadzo Dei VII was a strict disciplinarian who doesn't bend the rules. He was ruthless in implementing the affairs of the state. He courted a lot disaffection which eventually led to his destoolment. Oral tradition , relates what led to the *Peki Tsito Inquiry of 1926*. Aku Dajawa of Tsito brought a formal complaint to Deiga Kwadzo, Dei VII that he was accused for poisoning somebody and was put in *log*. Deiga, Kwadzo Dei VII ordered all those involved to appear before him. The Tsito Chief and the four elders connected with the case duly responded. Aku Dajawa indentified the four elders who tried him and put him in. *log*. The elders affirmed Aku Dajawa's accusations. Kwadzo Dei VII allowed the Awudomehene who was his Benkumhene and his son Kobla Kofi to go and ordered the four elders to be locked up. The Awudomehene brought the chief of Avetile to intercede so bail could be granted the four elders. Kwadzo Dei VII would not bulged. He told them it was late in the day about 7pm therefore the Awudomehene should go and come the following day. Having no option , the Awudomehene decided on staying over and would not go home without his elders. Tsiamega of Peki , Tsiame Takpuie hosted him. Unfortunately , the following day , the Awudomehene was found hanging at entrance of Blengo. The four elders were released and ordered to keep watch over the body. A report was immediately made to DC Pingle at Akuse. The DC sent police Sergeant Mardey a Sierra Leonian to examine the body before it's brought down. Later a West Indian doctor named Waldron was sent together with police Sergeant Mardey to thoroughly examined the body. They came out with the result that chief committed suicide by hanging. Three things emerged out of the unfortunate event. Fallouts were both internal and external. It led to the DC instituting an abitration panel chaired by the Chief of Boso. Boso Nyarko Arbitration , heard evidence from evidence from Dr. Waldron and Kobla Kofi ( who as if providence or scheming succeed the chief who used his (Kobla Kofis' loin cloth in commiting suicide) The verdict was that :- a) the Awudomehene committed suicide by hanging. b) Kwadzo Dei VII erried in refusing bail to the four elders even though , the Avetile fia intervened and pleaded for bail. Fia Feakpi was accordingly fined £50 . Kwadzo Dei VII paid £ 25 Immediately and put in a plea to pay the rest in two weeks time which he did through Boso Nyarko. Secondly the Awudomehene petitioned the Governor to be independent of Peki because of the unfortunate incident . This led to constituting a Commission of inquiry by the Governor. Internally , Tsiamega of Peki , Tsiame Takpuie was faulted for hosting the Awudomehene without recluse to the Deiga. He was tasked with paying part of the fine incurred. Tsiamega Takpuie , sibling incidentally married a woman from Awudome called Darkuma . That explains the reason the Awudomehene lodged with them. Unable to raise the money , Agbedoza Kofi from the Dzama Clan of Peki Blengo came to Tsiamega Takpuie assistance. In appreciation he ceded the staff of office *Tsiamega* of Peki ,to Agbedoza Kofi. That singular act bestowed the title Tsiamega of Peki and roles of that office to the Agbedoza family to date .

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