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At Home: A Short History of Private Life By Bryson, Bill

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

About the Book

This is the story of the author’s house in England. He takes us through each room discussing the history, scientific breakthroughs, and characters that helped create it. Through this device, we learn the history of English and American culture and everyday life.

What I Love About It

  1. The fact that the book has such a logical flow.

  2. The author used a tangible concept allows Bryson to create easily-visualised conceptual spaces from which to launch his explorations, allowing him ramble freely across history, linguistics and science without losing us.

Quotes to Remember

  1. “I refer of course to the soaring wonder of the age known as the Eiffel Tower. Never in history has a structure been more technologically advanced, materially obsolescent, and gloriously pointless all at the same time.”

  2. “For anyone of a rational disposition, fashion is often nearly impossible to fathom.”

How I Can Apply Its Content to my Life

  1. Teaches about organizing and enjoying our space more often.

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