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All But My Life By Gerda Weissmann Klein

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

About the book.

All But My Life is the unforgettable story of Gerda Weissmann Klein's six-year ordeal as a victim of Nazi cruelty. From her comfortable home in Bielitz (present-day Bielsko) in Poland to her miraculous survival and her liberation by American troops including the man who was to become her husband in Volary, Czechoslovakia, in 1945, Gerda takes the reader on a terrifying journey.

What I love about it.

  1. I enjoyed this stories because in each one, there is a story of HOPE, perseverance, and a remarkable accounts of humanity and triumph.

  2. It is beautifully told; a very poignant and remarkable story of survival and courage.

Quotes to remember

  1. He said I could make him happy. Then I understood the cause of my sadness. I didn't want to make anybody happy. I wanted someone to make me happy. I knew that there was laughter and I wanted someone who could laugh with me.”

  2. “Survival is both an exalted privilege and a painful burden”

How I can apply it in my life.

  1. Despite Gerda’s horrifying experiences, Klein conveys great strength of spirit and faith in humanity, teaches us to be strong.

  2. Teaches us that,no matter how bad life seems to be,we can more easily remember that we really and truly have it so very good.

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