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About: Our Agribusiness Training Program - #WeFarm4Export

Peki Hub's Agribusiness Training Program (aka #WeFarm4Export Program) designed to train the youth in producing high-quality agricultural produce for export. Applicants who successfully complete this training process will be given e-certificates, and move on to the incubation and acceleration stage.

What You Will Learn

A. Economic Opportunities in the crop or livestock selected

Global Demand, Supply & Profitability of the crop or livestock

B. Brief Summary of the Crop or Livestock

Time to Harvest

Health Benefits

Botanical Name

Types & Suitable Varieties

Climatic Requirements

C. Planting

Source of Planting Material

Land Preparation

D. Care of plants or livestock

Nutritional requirements of crops or livestock

Organic Fertilizer application for crops

Multivitamins for livestock

Weed Control for crops

E. Water Management


Irrigation - Our Network of Wells, Swales and Pools

F. Pest and Disease Control

Name of Pest or Disease

Identification of Pest or Disease

Nature of Spread of Pest or Disease

Control and Prevention of Pest or Disease

Beneficial Living Organisms/Insects for Crop or Livestock

G. Harvesting & Storage of crops or livestock

How to

Expected Yield

Storage of crops or livestock

Packaging of Crops or livestock

H. Even More Opportunities within the Crop or livestock value chain

Seed production

Organic fertilizer production

Beneficial insects breeding

Raw foods processing

Producing packaging items/ideas

Food product ideas from the crop or livestock

I. Farm Risk Management

Farm Insurance

J. Financials I: Costs and Revenue

Our Cost Reduction strategy

Integrated Farm Approach

Nearness to Raw Materials

Shared risks & security

Shared stake in all farms

Shared Branding, Marketing & Sales

Our network of sales agents and storefronts

Our internship strategy

Operational Budget with and without our network of partner hub farms



Expected Revenue with and without our partner hubs

Our tourism element

Our ecological homes element

K. Financials II: Our Investment & Job Opportunities

Become a shareholder

Become a Partner StoreFront

Become a wholesaler

Become a retailer

Become a sales agent

Become an Intern

NB: If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment below.

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