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A missionary's position on Kwadzo Dei VII's Destoolment

Gradually and steadily all indicators reflected that nothing will stall the destoolment of *Kwadzo Dei VII* . As the base of the conspiracy grew wider daily , watchers of the political scene had their take and decisions to make. It's interesting to note that the missionary , *Freyburger* waded into it. On 8th July 1910 ,he complained vehemently that it's un-christian to destool the *Fiaga*. Even though he conceded that the Fiaga had serious issues with subjects that cannot be remedied , it's still his conviction that the perceived revolutionary action can't be the solution. Freyburger felt strongly that Christians should not rebel against authority. He evoked the missions most severe sanction , *non burial of the revolutionaries and even their families who died during the period* .All Christians who were remotely connected faced the sanction of non burial because the Missionary view them as rebels who stood against a well constituted order which was badly defective. *Togbe Appiah Kwadzo VI*

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