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​What kind of help do you need?

  • I want to be a farmer for export:

         Join our Agribusiness Program

  • I want to learn a skill to qualify for a job:

         Join our Employability Support Program

  • I want to start my own business:

         Join our Entrepreneur Support Program

  • I want to be a sportsperson:

         Join our Sports Development Program

  • I am interested in the Arts:

         Join our Arts Development Program

  • I need help to prepare for BECE and WASSCE:

         Join our Student Academic Support Program

  • I want to improve my health:

         Join our Health is Wealth Program

We believe in the youth working together to eliminate poverty and create a shared prosperity

Join any of our Cooperatives now 

  • Agribusiness | Digital Media/Software |  Hospitality & Tourism |  Business Consultancy |  Waste Management  | Artisans |  Fashion 

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